Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Baseball Game

Preston had his last basebal (t-ball) game last night and he played awesome! He had 2 hits, one a nice dribbler and one right out past 3rd base - WAY TO GO!! Then he fielded 2 ground balls and threw them to first, he also got a chance to play first and did really good!

This is also his last week of Nature Camp, then we dive into swimming lessons before schools starts. Preston will also do a couple evenings at his preschool for "Vacation Bible Camp" with a bunch of fun, games and learning. The Bible Camp ranges in age from 3-8 so it will be good to get him exposed to older kids.

Maren is really having a blast with the Terrible Two's, her main form of communication is either yelling, crying or whining. Preston had terrible 3's and they were really short lived so I cross my fingers the same happens with Maren. She could go to the Bible Camp also if she was potty trained, she isn't quite ready but we are working on it because she has to be to start school in the fall.

GR is on vacation this week so we are planning lots of family activities like the beach, pool, zoo, camping and maybe Vikings or Packers Football camp. Preston sat down with GR and a calendar and helped plot out the things he wanted to do - it was very cute to watch!






Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wildflower Garden

GR added this area of mulch behind the playground last fall and this spring I planted it with a bunch of wildflower seeds. It's crazy but it worked we have a ton of wildflowers (more if the kids didn't pick them) and just beautiful greenery!

YAY for my green thumb!

um, so I'm really good at this...

I'm sure you agree with that, I finally hit the ground running with 2 posts and then lose it! I'm back and we are ready, I have tons of pics of the kids, major updates and talk of fall plans.

P finished up soccer and earned his trophy, which he proudly carried around for days! He was having fun at the end of soccer so we decided to do a soccer camp for 6 Saturday mornings in the fall, just practice no games (or snacks :)) We have 2 more baseball games (t-ball technically) left and he has really enjoyed that, P is a great hitter and is working on moving around the field to get balls more.

Preston is on his second year of camp and its almost over, he has a wonderful teacher who teaches them all about nature, plants, animals, songs and dance - it's a very good experience and he loves it!
Both Preston & Maren will be starting swim lessons in August, they have taken them since birth and are comfortable in the water so we are just building on that by learning stroked and how to float (not sink).

In addition to swimming Maren just finished up dance, it was a Mommy & Me class (YAY) which she enjoyed but I think her true love might be gymnastics. She is incredibly flexible and loves to run and roll around. We have plans to start once she turn 3 in February (she will be going with her friend Riley).

The kids and I are in high speed fall prep mode - stocking up on school supplies, school food, school clothes etc. Preston will be going 4 days a week 11:30-3 with chance to do an art/music class some days from 3-4:30 and Maren (if she is potty trained - PLEASE) will go Tuesday & Thursday from 11:30-3, same school as P but different classrooms. 2.5 yrs is early for preschool but she is so ready, love to sing her ABCs and play with other kids and I think she will really grow with all the "teacher" attention (much like Preston did last year).
We are thinking of keeping Preston at this school for his Kindergarten year since K here is a bus ride and 2.5 hrs and that is it. I love the fact that his preschool does lunch, recess, class time and then art/music time, we feel like he is getting so much more out of it. Plus class size is 6-8 kids vs the 22-24 in K. It might make the change to 1st grade and the bigger class size harder but he will be 6.5 then so maybe not :)

My laptop with all the pictures is getting fixed so I will add some later but I do have some on my camera so I can show you the biggest hit - Preston got his haircut!! He asked to have it cut like his friend Ben's so we did it and he LOVES it!! and looks quite handsome.